For so many, surfing is not merely a sport, a hobby or something fun you do at the beach; it’s a lifestyle, a religion ; if I may.. The great news is that surfing can influence and change your life for the better. It can mold you into a better person and it can help you grow and evolve and grow up your mindset. 

Here are 6 great lessons that surfing can teach you :

1# First and for most, You Have to Be Active!
These days, so many of us work office jobs and have forgotten that the human body is not meant to sit still for 8 hours, but to move and to be active. As a surfer, you know that already, all too well.
Surfing requires you to take good care of your body, for it is your most important and most precious tool. If surfing has taught you that, then consider yourself ready to face life.
2# Follow your heart’s desire
It’s safe to say that the vast majority of surfers are surfing, not because their parents or society pressure them to, rather, because it’s what they wanted to do. They do it because it’s what their hearts told them to. Following your heart’s desire might sound cheesy, but it truly is something that can help you feel fulfilled in life.
3# Keep your eyes open and pay attention to details
You know that moment when the wave is approaching and you need to react at a precise moment. Otherwise, you won’t catch it and you’ll end up underwater? Surfing teaches you to keep your eyes open at all times and how to react at the right time. And THIS is a life lesson that can really help you get through life in one piece.
4# Keep Calm
When you surf, it is imperative that you keep calm. Before a wave comes, you need to keep your composure and be calculated; if the wave knocks you down, you need to remain calm and resurface; when you keep falling off your board, you need to keep calm and remain positive. It is the only way to become a good surfer! And it’s the same in life! Nothing good ever came out of being restless and agitated. As the ever so popular meme says: keep calm and carry on!
5# Learn to be humble

Being humble in life is really important. And nothing teaches you humility better than the ocean. You can’t be anything but humble when faced with a wave. It will knock the wind out of you, pull you under and keep you there, if you’re not careful. You need to learn that the wave is powerful, much powerful than you are! When you learn and respect that fact, you learn one of the best things that surfing will teach you. And applying that in life is a must if you want not only to succeed, but also to be liked by others.
6# Having fun should also be prioritized
Yes, providing for your family is a priority, but life isn’t just about providing, about working and going through the motions. Life should also be about having fun, because, as they say, you only live once. Surfing teaches you that having fun isn’t just important for your peace of mind, but it should also be a priority. Phil Edwards, American surfer credited with being the first professional surfer, famously said that the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun. As a surfer, you should never forget that. Also, as a human being trying to live your life on this Earth, you should never forget that!

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