Yeah, we’d like to talk about something else. But unfortunately, that’s the news at the moment…Beaches
In France, surfing is forbidden since March 18th in Biarritz and many other towns. In (almost) every corner of the world, the authorities intend to enforce this ban on surfing, which is necessary for global health security.
Everywhere beaches continue to close, and the ban on surfing goes hand in hand with these regulations.
It is now Australia’s turn to clarify its guidelines in this regard. Australia was the last surfing powerhouse that has not yet closed its beaches.
The country is under quarantine, but Australians are allowed to exercise. And for the majority of the country, surfing is included in the figurative list of authorized exercises, with the exception of the beaches east of Sydney.
The Spit, Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta Closed
However, according to current guidelines, physical exercise is permitted in groups of no more than two people, who must maintain a safe distance of 1.5m from other people. When you see the crowds at Snapper Rocks lately, it is hard to believe that the guidelines are being followed (or even that it is possible) by keeping the activity open.
After another great weekend where many Australians went to the beaches of the Gold Coast to enjoy the nice weather, Tom Tate, mayor of the town, had to tighten the screws.
The decision has been made to close the beaches of The Spit, Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta from midnight on Tuesday 7 April. The other beaches will remain open, but will be closed to non-Gold Coast residents.
The mayor said that “the beaches will remain open for our residents to continue walking and exercising”. Access to unenclosed spots will therefore remain possible, and the regulations on surfing are rather unclear.
New Zealand much stricter
In New Zealand, a little further out in the Pacific, the rules are stricter. The country has a lower rate of Covid-19 infection and intends to keep it that way. If people are allowed to go out to exercise (as we are), water-related activities are not counted as a legitimate reason.
There are two main reasons for this.
Beyond the spread of the virus, which can occur during these outings, banning them helps prevent third-party injuries that would clutter hospitals fighting the pandemic (we know the many injuries that could result from a surfing accident).
It cannot be said often enough, the best way to shorten this difficult time for everyone, and to do your part for the world that is going through a major health crisis, is to stay home. Take this opportunity to de-wax your board for the 10th time… Even if you have to put some wax back on to start again. It’s like putting on your suit to take a shower, psychologically it helps!

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