VIDEO An Old Toyota Van Converted into A Cozy Home (Camper Conversion + Tour)


Jordan Osmond, a Van life 


Jordan Osmond, a Van life enthusiast in his passion joined a fashion that began in the United States a few years ago. Although under different modalities, it all starts with an old 1986 Toyota Hiace that is as broken as possible. Everything was to use his creativity to transform the space into what interests him most, a full-time home to live the Vanlife. 

Thus, Jordan saw the possibility of reforming the old van and conditioning it so that he can have beg for sleeping, kitchen for cooking, desk for office works, bookshelf, etc. Understandably, this creation is quite spectacular. In addition to taking into account many small details, the finishes were made thoroughly, making the Van a livable and functional home as well as an office short-time working.

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What Is Included in This Video?

This 11 minutes 29 seconds video made by Jordan Osmond himself, contains a detailed explanation of the building process and the final conversion of an old 1986 Toyota Hiace into a full-time home by Jordan. The video explained the process through which the Van was converted into a camping Van as well as the data of how everything was set up. 

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What Is the Van Made of (Features)?

This old 1986 Toyota Hiace converted by Jordan Osmond into a full-time home was done out of his creative intent and the passion to live a Vanlife. The Van is off-grid and features virtually every essential home deco needed by an individual to live a comfortable life. He ergonomically designed the interior part of the Van in a way it would be livable and functional. 

Hence, the Van features the following;


Comfy Futon Bed: Jordan devised a futon bed for comfortable sleeping. The bed was constructed to have about 2-meter extension wood that he used to add to the length of the bed so that it could reach his height. He also uses this extension to make a table for his office works, but this he can only work comfortably with for just about 45 minutes. Under the bed is also used for storage. 

Electrical System: Also contained in the Van is an electrical system box containing break box, charge controller, 260ah of battery storage and 375w inverter. The 480W solar panels and 260ah of battery storage supply constant power to all the electrical appliances that he uses in the Van. These solar panels are mounted on the roof of the Van through which energy is supplied to the battery storage and converted by the inverter to supply electrical current to the entire home. 


A Fully Functional Kitchen with Sink: Jordan tried to make this Van a complete and livable home by creating a fully functional kitchen with sink. The kitchen features a 23-liter container that supplies water through the tap. This water tank is placed under the sink and held tightly with a strap attached to the wall to secure it while driving. He also included 20 letters jerrycan where the sink is drained into. 

This jerrycan can be taken out and emptied, while a draining track is also constructed and channeled into the jerrycan from the sink. This was well constructed to avoid smells and to improve hygiene. Besides, Jordan also included a two-burner camping gas cooker that is well secured for easy cooking. 

Fold Down Desk, Waeco Fridge, And A Gas Shower: This Van also contains many other things such as a fold-down desk, Waeco fridge, and a gas shower for bathing. Jordan also included shelves where he keeps his clothes, foodstuffs, computer equipment, and books. Besides, he includes 12volts fan in the roof to improve ventilation. As that is not enough, he constructed a USB port for charging and a switch panel that controls the light, fridge, and pump. 



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