Nearly Extinct Pink Dolphin Gives Birth to a Pink Calf


Pinky, the pink dolphin that calls the Calcasieu River in Louisiana home, is a local celebrity, and for good reasons. Its kind is nearly extinct!

Dolphins are incredibly smart sea mammals, and they have a pretty large fan base. Pink dolphins are even easier to love, but there are a few of them left on earth, why can’t we have nice things?


When the news came out, that Pinky would be a mother, both the scientific world and the animal-loving community paralyzed. There are few river dolphins left in the area, and new babies are always good news; a new pink dolphin is almost a miracle.


These are wild dolphins we’re talking about, so it has been very difficult to assess the health of the new mother and its calf.


health of the new mother and its calf


Being hard to catch, means that researchers have been dying to see what makes these dolphins pink. We guess they’ll have to continue waiting because these beautiful creatures are taking their distance from local ships, which is probably a good thing.


Water pollution is higher in rivers than in the oceans, making river dolphin’s habitat a challenge for their survival. What’s even worst, indiscriminate net fishing is a constant threat to these smart creatures.


Pinky’s pink color has helped curious scientists and local people keep track of its actions, and the notoriety of the case has helped raise awareness around the threatened species.


While some claim this rare bread is just albino, others think there might be other reasons for the strange and beautiful color, perhaps being a different species altogether.



Pink river dolphins exist in other places, like in the Amazon river, and they’re of the largest kind (they can weight up to 400 pounds!)


No one knows with precision how long can these rare animals live; those that have been captured have only lived for 33 months, but scientists say, in their natural habitat, free to find their own food, they might have long lives.


Is Pinky an Amazonian dolphin that decided to cruise the world? Or is it something else? Perhaps we’ll never know, but in a word becoming every day less animal-friendly, good news like the pink new family is encouraging.


Share the news and help Pinky’s newborn get a name. If you though its mom was famous, wait until this youngster starts jumping around to greet the crowds gathered in the shores every day to spot it.


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