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Surf with your Girlfriend

Girls love surfers, that’s for sure. They are, for the most part, muscular, tanned, have long hair and blond in the sun… in short, they are exotic and have no trouble cracking the female gender. But if these handsome kids have lots of chicks at their feet and therefore for the majority a girlfriend, but do they choose to go out only with surfers?
Well, no! A study showed that only 1 surfer out of 5 goes out with a surfer. Certainly due to the unfortunate very small number of female surfers. “I’ll come next time when it’s 26 degrees and the water’s turquoise.

So how do you make your girlfriend want to come surf with you?

1. The first advice we can give you is to ask him to come with you! Don’t wait for her to ask you, it will always be more exciting and motivating for her if it comes from you. And because in some cases, you can wait a long time before she decides to get cold molded into something not very pleasant wet. Don’t be macho, she’s as capable as you are, she just doesn’t know it yet.

2. Try to be an educator. Your girlfriend wants to share your passion and understand the weird vocabulary you and your friends use all day long. So when you look at the forecasts, explain to him why your eyes are glowing. Then when you’re on the beach, show him what makes you look forward to it. Or even better, read together our article on how to understand forecasts. Sharing with her what you love most in the world will necessarily please her. A couple who surf together, stay together. Anyone ever tells you that?

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3. You who surf for a few years you know, the first time is paramount. If you miss your first wave, you feel like your session is going to be an ordeal. For your girlfriend, it’s the same. Try to make your first session magical. Actually, right now, buddy, if you don’t want to sleep in the garage with your boards for the next two months, you better not miss. So yes, you’re a guy, your first session was in five feet and it was raining ropes. But I assure you that if you choose to take your girlfriend in the same conditions, it is not passion that you will transmit to her but disgust. Oops.

Choose a small 60-80cm on a sunny day, find the most suitable spot, the one where it is not complicated to climb to the peak. In fact, the idea is to make her have fun, even if it means encroaching on your own pleasure. It’s no use throwing roller skates at her in the face, she’ll probably be under the water clinging to her board by her legs trying to sit while waiting for you to get back up to the peak.

4. Your girlfriend doesn’t necessarily have the same level as yours. She’s just starting out, and that’s normal. Besides, she read some interesting stuff on the net. When she arrives on the beach, she takes the time to check the spot and wait for the big show to pass to see if the conditions suit her. Then it warms up and stretches. No need to put on your suit at full speed, hang up your leash and run at full speed towards the water. Wait for her, paddle with her, be reassuring.

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5. Point four made you laugh because your girlfriend is so much stronger than you. You are not going to surf together because she does not surf the same conditions as you and it is therefore very rare to see you at the peak hand in hand. There my friend, hang on and put your ego away, be strong and admit to your girlfriend need her help to teach you 2-3 tricks. She’ll be flattered!

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6. Your girlfriend is not part of your clan and after this article, you will be checking the price of used longboards on the right corner. Your girlfriend likes surfing, but she feels much more comfortable on a longboard than on a cake. Her thing is to cruise long lines trying to cross paths. It’s aesthetic and she doesn’t understand why you keep trying to get yourself shot in waves that close for a 3-second ride. It’s stupid because you despise those people on the dark side, who take the waves of hyper away to make straight. You will have to learn to be part of their clan, to make some sacrifices and have the openness of mind that the rest of your holidaymakers did not have. Besides, maybe you’re going to be a fan, who knows? When it’s small, it’s that or the pool anyway.

7. Your girlfriend deserves the best. You’re gonna think she’s doing it on purpose, but she wants to go with you on over trip in April. She who surfs only in summer in a swimsuit, it doesn’t suit you because the water is not hot enough to surf in a bikini yet. So rather than pass her your old perforated suit that you had kept in a corner of the attic in case, accompany her around the shops of the region to find the combination in which she will not be cold. Remember that for a woman: cold = no = pyjamas + plaid + cat + tea. No, I’m kidding, you’re on anyway, we don’t have this image of the woman (this article was written from my couch, in pajamas, without plaid, and with a herbal tea, so nothing to see).

Finally never forget that she wants to share a common passion, surf with you and not just be in the same place at the same time. Be proud of her, encourage her and take the time to explain to her that she needs to get into horseback riding rather than what goes wrong when she can’t.

A couple who surf together, stay together.

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