The Brand New, $35K Airstream Trailer Is Designed for Weekend Strike Missions


The compact Basecamp trailer

If you weren’t sure what you wanted for the holidays, let us inform you of your latest obsession: The newest trailer from Airstream. The compact Basecamp trailer, which sleeps two and just started shipping this fall, is small and light enough for just about any adventure, and still sports that timeless shiny steez of the classic Airstreams.

Classic Airstreams Basecamp

At just 2,500 pounds (and an equally hefty $35,000), the Basecamp can be towed by just about any SUV and comes equipped with a bathroom, shower and fridge, two-burner stove. And at only 16-foot-long, she can be maneuvered into tight campsites and roads too narrow for traditional Airstreams.



The shower has a built-in portal that allows for the head to be passed through so that you can hose down your wetsuit, your dog and yourself without muddying up the interior. Surfboards and bikes can be stashed in a storage area accessed through a backdoor.


Yeah, there are tons of nifty little trailers and sleep setups on the market these days (and even more for creative people who build their own). But it would be kind of sick to own that Airstream like you’ve always wanted. Only a lot more practical for the strike missions to the surf, cliffs or mountains. 


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