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This is the food that you have to try before you die.
If you’re a foodie and live for food and drink, you know that a dish can change your life, broaden your horizons and shape your perspective; in food, there are no limits.

Everyone in F&B, the food industry, knows that a good dish is worth traveling to try. People working in the food and beverage service know that our stomach is the fastest way to our hearts.

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Here are a few of the most exciting dishes to try around the world; dishes that even if you’re not in food service, you must add to your bucket list.

Let’s start the ride in New York, the city that never sleeps. Enjoy a mac n’ cheese bun burger at The Bedford and save room for a slice of pizza covered in rigatoni at Rocky’s Pizzeria.

Talking about pizza, grab a 2-foot-long pizza slice at Pizza Barn and end your day with the best fried pickles in the city at Pickle Me Pete.

Do you need a vegan option? Try the smoked watermelon at Duck’s Eatery; you won’t miss the meat.

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Fly straight to Los Angeles for the best Cuban sandwich of your life at El Cochinito and drop by for a burrito stuffed with pho at Komodo.

The next stop is Texas to enjoy the most prominent beef ribs you’ve seen at Terry Black’s Barbecue. Take a moment to settle your stomach and finish your road trip at Miami for a bucket of fresh stone crabs at Joe’s Stone Crab.


What about dessert?

Let’s start with a 22-scoop Sunday at Mo and Moshi Bangkok, could you handle it? Or what about adult-only boozy ice cream at Tipsy Scoop, NYC?

Edible cookie dough, like the one served at DO in Manhattan, is a childhood dream come true, and so is the 20-pound chocolate cake served in Strip House around the corner, Bruce! Bruce! Bruce!

While you’re in the Big Apple, try the “stretchy” ice cream from Republic of Booza and don’t miss a New York’s classic: cheesecake at Junior’s.

Japanese cakes in Osaka are well worth a trip around the globe, and so is the Nutella on tap down at Pidapipo Gelateria in Melbourne, Australia.

We wish we could put all these delicious treats in a  processor and eat it all together, every day. Because creative dishes, over-the-top inventions, extra-large, or extra fun, they’re all dishes to die for.

Find them all and tick all the boxes, because you know that good food is more than nourishment, it’s an experience.

Find exciting food around you too; you never know if the next big thing is being created in your neighborhood.

While you’re at it, share one of these exciting meals with the ones you love. Sharing is caring, and sharing food is a token of appreciation like no other.

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