How to loose WEIGHT with SURFING! the perfect combo!

Jimbo Pellegrine at Padang Padang in Bali

An enduring sports activity allows you to build up your body and even lose weight permanently because it makes your muscles work in depth. This is the case with surfing, which you wouldn’t think of right away. 

How it works An enduring sports activity allows you to build up your body and even lose weight

The explorer James Cook discovered this practice while visiting the Polynesians, who used long boards carved from a tree trunk.       

They called this practice He’e nalu, which means “sliding on the wave” in Hawaiian.

Banned in the 19th century during the colonization of the Hawaiian islands, this sport experienced an unexpected renaissance in the 20th century thanks to Duke Kahanamoku, a man who was a pioneer in the discipline.          

Surfing spread like wildfire after the Second World War, thanks in particular to the development of new boards based on extruded polyurethane foam, or polyester resin and glass fibre.


Photo by Elizeu Dias on Unsplash

The benefits are numerous: seawater is a medium very rich in minerals and trace elements that will help to nourish the skin and even reduce the aging process. It’s the perfect place to get back into sports if you want to lose weight.

The movement of the train allows to strengthen the arms, but also the whole upper body.

The search for balance on the board allows the leg muscles (thighs and calves) but especially the abdominal muscles to work with a natural sheathing action.

Surfing is a very physical sport that requires all the muscles of the body: to be optimal, the body will have to burn many calories to stay dynamic and responsive.

Surfing, finally, tones and refines the silhouette.



Like any water sport, surfing involves certain risks inherent to the marine environment:

. waves: it is important to observe the different types of waves so as not to be surprised.

. currents and bottoms: it can happen that powerful marine currents can take the surfer out of the area of his activity or, in extreme situations, drag him to the bottom of the water. It is crucial to be harnessed to the ankle on your board.


The main accessory is obviously the board: you start with a foam board called “G-board” and after 3 consecutive summers of surfing, you can try harder boards, adapted to your level.

The essential outfit: the suit, i.e. either the shorty or the long suit.

Wax is a substance that surfers apply to the surface of their board to protect it and make it non-slip.


Surfing is a sport that helps you regain a dream body: you muscle your whole body without realizing it because the effect of water reduces sensations and efforts. You relax, enjoy the benefits of water and sunshine and your body can only get better.

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