64 YEARS OLD and he still surfing at COLD IRISH WILDER WAVES


Ireland is really not an easy place to surf. The water is cold, the winds are strong and the waves are all wilder than each other. Not to mention the sun that honors the Irish with its presence only a few days a year…. The kind of place where it’s easier to stay warm in the car than to go out and face the elements.


Ireland is really not an easy place to surfing

In this first episode of Made in Ireland, you will meet those who helped place the emerald island on the world map of world surfing. If the pioneers of Hawaiian and Californian surfing have often (rightly) been highlighted, this kind of video reminds us how global surfing has become. Who would have ever thought that Mullaghmore would be surfing? Who would have thought one day that some would dare to face the rain, wind and cold and jump into icy water in search of a few seconds of gliding synonymous with happiness free themes?

Barry Britton is one of them. At 64, the local of County Donegal tells us about his beginnings when his mother, owner of a small local hotel, had just bought a board for the customers of his residence. Before the video took the direction of Mullaghmore and the premises that were the first to tame it…. Get warm with a beer and get out of your comfort zone with this Made in Ireland video.

Video by Red Bull
We are Surfers


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