5 Reason Why Learning To Surf Is Perfectly Safe

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Learning Surfing

Learning Surfing is viewed as one of the most extreme sports out there. Though it looks fun and exciting safety is one of the main concerns. If you are planning to learn to surf, all you need is to get a good instructor to teach you how to surf and be safe in the water. Once you get the hang of this awesome sport you will have the best time of your life and get the rush you are looking for.

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Finding the best surfing school is the first step, as soon as you get the best school in town then that’s when your journey begins. There are surf boards for beginners and you will be taught how to paddle and balance yourself on them. As you learn to surf your instructor will teach you different paddling techniques that you can use effectively when you start hitting the water. You’ll also be taught the proper stance and how to balance on your board. All of this initial training takes place on the sand.

It may look ridiculous but this will definitely benefit you. Knowing what to do before going into the water contributes to keeping you safe. Your instructor will also include a 10 to 15 minutes stretching session to loosen up those sleeping muscles and to avoid any cramps or injury.

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Every beach is different and as you learn to surf your instructor will teach you how to read the waves and give you advice on how to navigate the surf to avoid unexpected accidents. Your instructor will also go through other important surf safety rules, like how to get on and off your board safety, falling into the water feet first or with your hands above your head to avoid neck and spinal injuries, staying alert, using your peripheral vision and many other tips.

The most important thing is to listen and follow what your instructor says. Having full trust in your instructor is the key to a successful training session, remember that they have years of experience. And if you have any questions or concerns don’t be afraid to ask as your guide will gladly help you.

Learning surf
Learning surf

When you’re finished with your training on the beach, it’s time to have some real water experience. There are beaches available for those learning to surf where the waves are moderate and perfect for beginners. If you think that you will hit the big waves out in the sea first, don’t get to excited, learning to surf takes time and you need to practice your newly learnt skills on the smaller waves in the shallow water before venturing into deeper waters and more challenging waves.

Learning surf
Learning surf

Another important safety tip when learning to surf is to make sure you surf on patrolled beaches and in the areas allocated for surfers. You should also always go surfing with a friend so that you can look out for one another.

Learning to surf is perfectly safe provided you get the right training and follow the above tips. Surfing is a lot of fun that will give you an awesome adventure and nothing beats the feeling of riding as one with the waves!

We are surfers
We are surfers



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