6 Reasons Why Surfing Is Better Than Making Love

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When I was introduced to surfing I was told it’s better than sex. Having never surfed before I thought the guy telling me this was a total madman. But after a few sessions borrowing his spare board and wettie, I was hooked.
Six years later I’m still a surf junkie, writing about why surfing is, in fact (100% fact, possibly, maybe), better than sex. I suppose when he reads this he’ll be saying, “I told you so!”

1. Surfing lasts longer

Research shows the average male lasts 14 minutes. How long do you usually surf for? Most of us class a 45 minute session as short. And we’ve all pushed through the 3-4 hour sessions when the surf’s too good to pass up. All in all, surfing lasts longer than sex. Not always. But nearly.

2. Surfing has more climaxes

Catching a wave is the climax of surfing. Sometimes you spend ages trying to find the right spot. You paddle to where you think you should be, you play there for a little bit, find you weren’t quite there, adjust, finally get the peak, paddle hard, drop in and BAM. You’re at one with the most beautiful thing on this earth. And you’re in perfect ecstasy.

Now when it comes to surfing you can do that dozens of times a session. That’s a lot of climaxing. Have you ever had that much success in the bedroom? If so you’re very lucky. And superhuman.

3. Surfing comes with less strings attached

The only string in surfing is your leash. And that’s there for everyone’s safety. It’s a good string. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of love and emotion in surfing. Sometimes too much. You love your favourite board. You love your favourite break. When you leave your favourite break and put your board back in its sack after an amazing session you feel a deep longing to see them again very soon.

That same longing might be felt for your partner when you’re missing them. But with surfing it’s different. Say you went to another break the next day and used a different board; you wouldn’t upset anyone. If anything, the more spots you surf and the more boards you get experience on, the more your favourite break will reward you for knowing how it’s done.

The same concept is very unlikely when it comes to relationship etiquette. All in all, your board, your break and the surf’s love for you is completely unconditional.Though don’t expect your relationship with surfing to avoid rocky patches, frustrating days and breaking points.

4. Surfing solo is much more rewarding

You’re in the water. Just you. The waves are epic. You catch one. Good times. You paddle back out. Still just you and the ocean.It’s rare to have a break all to yourself, but sometimes it happens. When it does you’ll really appreciate the hassle-free solitude and all the waves you can shake a stick at. It’s a feeling like no other. The same can’t be said for a solo session in the bedroom. Unless, well, you’re rather weird.

5. Appearances don’t matter in surfing

Let’s face it, you don’t want to enter the bedroom looking like you’ve forgotten your grooming regime for three months. It’s a shallow world we live in, but when it comes to sex, looks matter. In surfing, it shouldn’t, and usually doesn’t matter at all.

Yeah, the big brands use stunning pros and models to sell their products. But we all see past that, don’t we? I hope so. In the water, the only thing that matters is how much fun everyone is having. Looks don’t come into it. Seawater will wipe your canvas clean anyway, forcing you to show your natural beauty. It doesn’t matter how you look, or how anyone else looks. And if you find things like that mattering you might want to rethink your surf ethic.

6. Safe surfing doesn’t mean half the sensation

Part of surfing is embracing danger and the unknown. Some people relish the adrenaline of thinking this sketchy, gigantic session might be their last. But more people have more fun with a safe surf.

When it’s 2-3ft, clean and peeling with an easy paddle on a lifeguarded beach, you don’t suddenly feel like you’ve been robbed of the real thing. You have as good a surf as ever. Safe surfing is as sensational as the dangerous sessions, it’s just different. Safe sex on the other hand leaves many disappointed. But it has to be done.

We Are surfers
We Are surfers


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