1 Of Biggest & Scariest Skimboarding Wave Of All Time Riding By Brad Domke

Biggest wave skimboard
Biggest wave skimboard


Brad Domke is no stranger to ripping giant on just a skimboard. We’ve seen Domke use his skimboard to tow into some beasts. So it was no surprise that Domke headed down to Puerto Escondido in Mexico to catch the same massive swell that Shane Dorian just tackled. Except, Domke was on a skimboard. And may we remind you, skimboards have no fins. 


Yes, a big wave skimboard!

Biggest Wave

This is quite simply one of the most ridiculous things we’ve ever seen. The video footage of Domke’s should be in an upcoming episode of Jamie O’Brien’sWho Is JOB, so sit tight.
Photo credit: Dylan Palmer
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